Friday, May 9, 2014


It is recommended that you set up your TV first. Blu-Link can control five components in addition to the PlayStation3.
Blu-Link has buttons labeled for TV, DVR, DVD/VCR, Cable/Satellite, and Audio. While the buttons are labeled for these functions, that is for clarity only. For example, you could program a VCR into any device button other than the PS3 button.
Four-Digit Code Set-Up Method
Step 1:  Turn on the device you wish to program into your Blu-link™ remote using the remote that came with that device.
Step 2: Find the four-digit code numbers assigned to your brand of device from the list in the back of this manual. The codes are listed by device type and then by brand name. If you do not see the brand of your device, please look online list of four-digit codes.
Step 3: Enter setup mode by holding the device button down for approximately 3 seconds. After 3 seconds the entire device buttons will blink to confirm that you are in setup mode.
Note: You have 10 seconds to perform each of these steps. If you do not finish within 10 seconds, the device button light will turn off and setup mode will be exited. You will then need to start over.
Step 4: Enter the four-digit code. If it is a valid code, after the 4th digit is entered, any prior device will be removed and it will be set with new code. This removes any “learned” keys as well. If the code is not valid, the device button will flash 4 times. Either way, the device button will turn off and you will exit setup mode.
Step 5: Point Blu-Link™ towards your device and press the power button. If you have the correct code, the device should turn off. If the device didn't turn off, please look up the next code and return to step 3 until you have tried all four-digit codes for your brand of device.
Step 6: Sometimes more than one code will control your device. Test the other buttons on the remote control. If functions aren't working correctly, try the other device codes until you have selected the best code for your device.  
Notes: Even if all buttons aren't doing exactly what you want, Blu-Link™ can “learn” buttons from other remotes and can be customized as desired.

Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6 for your other devices.